Transit Advertising for Universities

In Oklahoma, we know the rivalry between Sooners and Cowboys.

Like Oklahoma, UT and A&M in Texas are such foes that when a couple supports opposing teams, they have paraphernalia that says, “a house divided.”

No matter where you live, universities aim to recruit new students and bring in the children of their alumni to continue a legacy of loyalty. To achieve this, universities must create a strong brand just like any other business. Brand loyalty creates a deep connection between communities, families and their local university. This kind of loyalty spurs phrases like “a house divided.”

Transit advertising is a cost-effective method for increasing brand recognition and promoting ad messages that speak to loyalty.

OU Tulsa

OU Tulsa has saturated their local market with transit advertisements that utilize this strategy. As you can see above, their full wrap advertisement promotes the brand loyalty message, “BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE”. This highly visible advertisement engages with drivers, pedestrians and bus riders in high traffic areas of town. Transit advertisements saturate local markets with high impact ad messages that receive up to 350K impressions per week.

Tulsa Tech

Transit advertisement also gives universities the opportunity to make their brand synonymous with high impact messages.

Tulsa Tech is utilizing transit advertising to connect their brand to a major concern for their target audience, career readiness. Their full wrap advertisement is taking over their local market to ensure those seeking technical skills think of Tulsa Tech first when it comes to career readiness.

OU Volleyball

OU has also used transit advertising to promote engagement and attendance for sporting events. The step after brand awareness is engagement. As you can see in the fullback ad above, OU provides the social media information for their volleyball and soccer teams along with where to find tickets. By encouraging social media connection, their ad reaches another level of connection with their local community.

Through transit advertising, universities can connect with their local community with up-close and personal messages. They can fuel brand loyalty, encourage attendance for sports games and create a deeper connection their community.

OU is using transit advertisements to saturate their local market to say, “this is Sooner territory.” Not only are their transit advertisements head turning and highly memorable they are also cost-effective.


To discover if transit advertising is right for your institution, contact our team today.

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