Smart and Relevant Advertising

Smart and Relevant Advertising

Transit ads encapsulate the original intent behind advertising, to deliver useful information to the public through creative design.

City buses travel through significant areas of town and are seen by drivers, pedestrians, and riders. Advertisements that stretch across these rolling billboards provide local, targeted messaging for brands. Transit ads offer timely messages to consumers in a way that mobile and desktop advertising cannot.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino transit advertisement in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The impact of transit advertisements can be measured by the number of times the public comes into contact with the ad. Large format transit ads receive up to 350K impression per week!

“According to PQ Media, digital out-of-home exposure is forecast to increase to 20 minutes on average per week….”

Building brand awareness is a slow process. However, transit advertising’s high impact, “more bang for your buck” exposure can saturate local markets with your brand message. Brands have the opportunity to take eye-catching designs with relevant messages to their audience on a large scale.

The mobility of transit ads allows brands to achieve more significant reach and impressions than other forms of out-of-home media. Transit ads help brands take over their local market with unique and opportune messages that propel consumers to act.

Pinot’s Palette transit advertisement in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Smart messaging is key to influencing engagement with transit advertisements. Clever, short messages can inspire consumers to search for a brand online, post images of the ad to social media or stop by a brick-and-mortar location.

“People who see an OOH [out-of-home media] campaign are 17% more likely to engage with the brand on their mobile.” Marketing Week

Outsmart, OOH industry educator found that 57% of people that engage with a campaign on their mobile device after seeing an out-of-home advertisement are either new or lapsed customers of the brand. This data shows that out-of-home media such as transit advertisements have the power to bring in new customers as well as those that have lost touch with the brand.

Brands that take advantage of transit advertising’s high impact formatting with smart and relevant messaging can increase brand awareness, market share, and consumer engagement.