Transit Advertising in 2018

Transit Advertising in 2018

Transit advertising leads the pack in out-of-home media in 2018.

Transit advertisements receive up to 350K impressions per week. Unlike other forms of out-of-home media, transit ads are not constrained to a single location. Transit advertisements take ads to major areas of town at no additional cost. They also allow advertisers to capitalize on location-based marketing strategies. Location-based strategies mean bus ads can reach consumers at relevant times and places around town.

According to Google, 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day.

Transit advertising helps to drive this behavior as consumers see these large moving billboards during their commute. Drivers intersect with transit ads every day. This level of high interaction builds interest and helps drive digital or brick-and-mortar engagement.

Nielsen’s Ads Driving Online Activity 2017 report shared, “While OOH media accounts for 26 percent of gross search activations generated by television, radio, print, OOH combined, but it only accounts for 7 percent of the total combined advertising spend.”

Combine the location-based strategy with personalized messages and transit advertisements have the power to influence response. Personalized brand messages allow your brand to connect with the needs of potential customers. Transit ads take personalized ads on the road to reach potential customers during their commute and influence purchasing behavior.

The large visual presence of transit advertisements aligns with today’s phone-focused consumers. Major brands seek creative ways to reach consumers in order to break through the clutter. Transit advertising offers a large canvas for brands to design. Imaginative bus designs cannot be missed and trigger consumers to search for more information, seek out a brick-and-mortar location or share on social media.

Transit advertisements allow today’s digital consumers to feel connected in a physical way. Consumers often take photos with creative bus ads and share this content to social media, providing brands with spikes in online traffic.

Get up close and personal with today’s digital consumers with transit advertising.

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