Don’t Stress Over Algorithm Changes, Choose Transit Advertising

Changes to Facebook’s algorithm have created new challenges for both advertisers and small businesses in 2018.

Social media is a necessary evil for any marketing and advertising strategy. However, business owners need advertising mediums that do not fluctuate like the tide. Transit advertising offers brands consistent brand awareness by saturating their market with high impact, moving advertisements.

While other advertising mediums undergo significant changes that limit reach or connection with your audience, transit advertising remains consistent. Unlike other advertising platforms, transit advertising does not up-charge businesses to gain more reach or impact high traffic areas of town.

What is your advertising mix? If your business is heavily reliant on digital media, it needs to be highly responsive to change to be successful. Digital media changes often and brands must adapt to win new customers. A brand’s digital footprint is fundamental, but transit advertising can be a consistent driver in gaining market share. While your team scrambles to adapt to changes in algorithms and other factors that shift digital media, your transit ad can hit the streets with your brand message.

Transit advertising is a no-nonsense medium that offers brands increases in conversions, brand awareness, and market share. Imagine your ad at eye-level with the size and color resolution of a billboard. Transit ads are used to encourage viewers to visit your website, connect on social media, or call your business through highly visible brand messages and imagery. The creative options for transit advertising are limitless.

This eye-catching medium can even support other advertising objectives. Transit advertisements can carry brand messages used on social media, print, radio, television, and billboards to reinforce key messages you want your local market to remember. Advertising on transit buses has a more significant reach for vehicular, pedestrian, and transit ridership than any other form of outdoor advertising.

If you are still evaluating advertising options for 2018, consider transit advertising. Receive more “bang for your buck” promotion that ensures consumers within your local market know and recognize your brand name.

Make advertising simple in 2018, go big at a low cost with transit advertising.