Messages In The Sky Don’t Last

The key to achieving ROI in any advertising campaign is to create a constant flow of messaging.

Drip campaigns are designed to build frequency for the message.

A message without frequency is about as effective as skywriting.

It may be good while it’s there, but it disappears with the wind.

Many advertisers end their campaigns long before the message has worn out. Perhaps the advertiser gets tired of seeing his own message but the rule of frequency seems to hover around 23 exposures for a single message. Learning begins to occur at around twenty exposures.

Advertising should deliver “reason-why” messages. Brand exposure is necessary but not sufficient. If I learn something about your brand with every exposure…the advertising will probably draw me to the point of purchase.

Transit advertising provides advertisers a unique opportunity to combine branding, messaging and heavy frequency. Our moving messages deliver arresting images to capture the attention of thousands of motorists and pedestrians on a daily basis.

We also believe our unique delivery is catalyzed by the fact that our advertiser’s message is delivered out-of-home when customers are ready to buy.

Don’t send your ad dollars into the wind. The next exposure to your message is only minutes away.

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