Does Your Brand Stand Out?

Does Your Brand Stand Out?

Do your advertising activities help your brand stand out?

Too often, brand messages are price and product centric rather than focusing on brand differentiation.

If you are part of a crowded industry, advertising messages that mimic competition make your brand less visible. Consumers will not remember your business if your advertisements look too similar to competitors.

Ads that focus on brand differentiation ensure your message is remembered. Many times, brands flock to the same platform as their competitors and struggle to be seen by their shared target audience. Transit advertising allows your brand to be seen without fighting for space from the competition.

Full wrap transit ads receive up to 350 K impressions per week. Low cost per impression ensures your ad message is seen in high impact areas of town, multiple times. Transit ads cannot be swiped away or limited by browser settings. Buses place your ad up close and personal with your local target audience.

When a brand effectively utilizes a transit bus as their advertising canvas, they gain market share. Our team suggests the following formula:

Brand Differentiation

To make your advertisement stand out from the crowd, determine what makes your product or service different from competitors. Make sure your advertisement speaks to what makes your business unique

High Impact Ad Mediums

Choose a high impact medium, like transit advertising to share your brand message. When you use transit advertising, your business doesn’t have to fight to be seen. Your advertisement is a rolling billboard that reaches high traffic areas of town, six days per week.

Advertisement Time Frame

The right time frame is critical for increased message retention, regardless of advertising medium. If you are trying to gain market share, your brand must be remembered. Transit ads that saturate your market for an extended period are remembered.

Strong Call to Action

Your ad message must tell viewers where they can learn more to encourage conversion. Without a clear call to action, your audience will not be moved to call your team or visit a website. Ads that create conversions tell their audience about the next step.

The most common elements that are lacking from advertisements are the right time frame, a differentiation message and a strong call to action. Transit Advertising, Inc. will consult with your business to determine the most cost-effective, high-impact strategy for your brand. We believe in the power of transit advertising, which is why we utilize the platform to promote our own business.

We have observed the power of our formula and its ability to create powerful conversions. Our team regularly receives phone calls and website contacts purely from our Monster Results campaign. We want to share this success with your business.

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