Remember Transit Ads

5 Reasons Drivers Remember Transit Ads

In a sea of interruption media, brands must figure out how to be seen without being forgotten.

Promotion is a key part of building a brand, but reaching consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. So, how does a brand increase market share and reach consumers?

Brands increase market share by utilizing the right platform to increase the recall of their advertising messages. A central benefit of transit advertisements is that consumers do not see transit ads while in pursuit of other information. This means consumers are not eager to swipe away transit ad messages.

Transit advertisements are easily seen. Their size, frequency, placement and movement make them more memorable than advertisements on other platforms.

In short, drivers remember transit ads. Here is why:

When Something Moves, We Remember It

Movement triggers memory. Consequently, it’s easy to see how moving ads increases the recall of brand messages over other mediums.

Bigger Ads, Bigger Impact

Transit ads are like moving billboards that travel 14 hours a day. The large image and message stick with viewers when designed with a target audience in mind. Transit ads are simply too big to be ignored.

Close To Point of Purchase

Not only, do transit ads have better message recall they are close to a point of purchase. Target audiences view transit ads while they are out. Exposing consumers to your brand message while they are in route to making purchases increases your sales opportunities.

Greater Frequency, Greater Recall Power

Transit advertisements receive 250K to 350K impressions per week. Consumers see transit ads multiple times during their commute. This repetition allows buyers to easily remember brand messages.

Localized Brand Message

Transit ads localize brand messages. Target audiences view transit ads in traffic on daily routes, in key neighborhoods and with great frequency. This gives advertisers the opportunity to engage with their target audience at a resident level. Localized brand messages create a personal impact.

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