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Think Transit Advertising, Think Affordability

Budget cuts frequently mean advertising is the first thing to go.

Many business owners feel like they can’t afford advertising when sales are down. The truth is they can’t afford not to promote.

The sales hole grows deeper when advertising budgets are slashed.

Reconsider cutting advertising when sales are down. Instead, look for cost effective solutions to continue reaching target audiences.

One method of increasing sales is gaining new customers. Cost effective channels allow you to continue reaching prospects in an effort to increase sales. Transit advertising allows you to display multiple large format ads for the cost of one billboard.

Low cost per impression allows your business to reach local prospects with high frequency. Consumers see transit ads during their daily commute, in key shopping areas and major districts of town. The ability to remember a brand message increases the more times the ad is seen.

Transit advertising allows you to increase phone calls, web searches and influence consumer behavior by keeping your message top-of-mind.

Not only is transit advertising the most budget friendly form of large format advertising, it saturates your local market and breaks through interruption media. Transit advertisements create greater exposure and savings as they receive up to 350K impressions per week.

When sales are down, brands should increase positive top-of-mind awareness to influence consumer behavior. Top-of-mind awareness leads consumers to seek out more information from the brand they think of first. Markets saturated with brand messages and problem/solution advertising leads to high brand recognition.

Strong long-term transit ad campaigns carry businesses through dry seasons by influencing brand awareness and increasing local market share, which often leads to delayed conversions and sales. Transit advertisements can also influence revenue through flash sale ad messages. These short campaigns flood local markets with urgent messages and strong calls to action.

Become cost effective when sales are down. Don’t cut.

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