Para-Transit Ads

Benefits of Para-Transit Ads

Reaching consumers at home has become increasingly difficult. Consumers use ad-blocking software, are cutting cable subscriptions and favor DVRs over regular programming.

Successful brands are responding to consumer behavior by creating advertisements that blur the line between ad and visual art.

They key to reaching consumers from home is creating brand messages that consumers can’t click away, avoid or delete.

Para-transit ads go where other ads cannot. As a result, campaigns with para-transit ads allow brands reach neighborhoods. Like other transit ads, para-transit advertisements have high frequency, large messaging and travel up to 14 hours a day

Para-transit buses go outside of normal bus routes to pick up and drop off the disabled. Therefore, brands are able to target home owners, renters and riders.

The benefit of para-transit ads is their low cost and ability to reach coveted advertising space, consumers’ homes.

Para-transit ads are popular choices with health care, insurance and public awareness campaigns. Small businesses, such as home repair and landscaping companies, also commonly use para-transit ads to reach residential areas.

Advertisers can choose from taillight, curb and street side para-transit ad space at a lower cost than fixed route buses.

Furthermore, as consumers become increasingly disengaged with interruption media, consider placing your brand message on a moving billboard that reaches consumers from their front yard.


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