Market Segmentation & Brand Messaging

Have you noticed that large companies, like Target, will have different ads for pregnant women, college students and the elderly?

These are segmented brand messages. Each ad speaks to the needs of a unique group of consumers. Do you know if your target market is made up of multiple segments?

Knowing can completely change your advertising strategy.

Segments can be categorized by age, needs or lifestyles. Successful advertisements speak to the needs of your target audience. Ads that speak to the unique needs of each segment are more powerful and often yield better results. Transit advertising campaigns are a highly cost effective method of saturating your market with segmented brand messages.

This unique out-of-home platform is like a moving billboard that travels 14 hours a day reaching 250K to 350K impressions per week. The high frequency of transit advertising allows your brand message to stick in the minds of consumers as ads are seen multiple times without distraction from other media.

From 2014 to 2016, United Way utilized transit advertising to reach multiple segments of their target audience. Each side of the bus was unique. Designs were focused on brand messages and related to the unique needs of specific segments.

United Way has maintained the multiple message strategy for two years with a different design for each year. This frequency has helped the company increase the reach and familiarity of their brand, while the updated designs helped their message stay relevant. This has allowed United Way to improve on their design and messaging from one year to the next.

Segmenting your audience allows you to measure different levels of demand and better understand your consumers. This allows you to create messaging that these unique groups are more likely to respond to.

Connect with your target audience by saturating your market with segmented brand messages.

“Any fact becomes important when it’s connected to another.” ― Umberto Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum

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