Transit Advertising for The Dental Industry

Transit Advertising for The Dental Industry

Unfortunately, many dental practices rely simply on word of mouth to generate business.

While there is power in referral, it is only one part of a marketing strategy. Today’s consumers are less likely to give out the information of their friends and family to a business. Without the information of a referral, businesses have little power to create effective follow-up.

Referral Requires Repeat Buyers

To create a strong referral system, you must have repeat customers. Before you have repeat customers, you must have first time buyers. Dental practices must create a system that cultivates new prospects in order to have new customers that turn into repeat buyers and eventually provide referrals.

Relying solely on word of mouth skips many steps and leaves businesses at a disadvantage relative to competitors. A business should not rely on their customers to do their advertising. In the same way, a website alone is not enough to let prospects know you exist. It is important to create advertising channels that move prospects to a website or phone number where your business can capture their information and create a system of follow-up.

Brand Awareness Captures Market Share

Transit advertising is an affordable medium that helps dental practices saturate their local market. These large format ads easily share your competitive advantage while displaying your business name and phone number or website.

Transit ads are billboards on wheels that receive between 250K to 350K impressions per week. When bus and shelter ads are combined, dental practices have the opportunity to increase brand awareness and subsequently, market share.

Transit advertisements increase brand awareness by taking your brand message through key areas of town and major shopping centers. Unlike online ads, transit cannot be swiped away or ignored. These large format ads are seen by drivers, pedestrians and bus riders. It is a misconception that only bus riders see exterior transit advertisements. The main viewer of transit ads are drivers around town.

Frequency Encourages Conversion

By increasing brand awareness, the eventual referral will have a greater chance of converting into a patient. Think of it this way, when an existing patient informs a friend of your service and this referral sees your advertisements around town, they are reminded to call and set up an appointment. This method moves dentists away from a system that relies on their patients to advertise for them.

Transit advertising is a vehicle for increasing brand awareness and cultivating leads. A prospect must see your ad multiple times before they are willing to move. The high frequency of transit ads ensures your ad message is seen multiple times and increases the likelihood of a prospect contacting your business.

When considering the right advertising channel for your business, contact Transit Advertising, Inc.

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