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Transit Advertising for The Health Care Industry

Health care is personal. It is not a stretch to see that health care advertising must also be personal to produce results.

Consider this, ad messages do not have to include your name to feel personal. Instead, it is whether the message connects with a personal need or emotion that makes the ad feel personal.  This is not saying there is not a place within your advertising strategy to use names in communication. It simply means, that the use of names should make sense with the advertising platform being utilized.

Advertisers typically use a variety of platforms within their campaigns to reach consumers. When transit advertising is added to the mix, it has the power to reinforce personal messages on a large scale.

Transit advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies for gaining market share. Large format transit advertisements receive 250K to 350K impressions per week. When this is coupled with a long-term strategy, brands are able to increase their market share. Transit advertisements ensure your personal ad message saturates the market you serve.

You might be asking yourself, “What goes into crafting a personal health care advertising message?” We have a formula that may help you.


Think In Taglines

Short messages are vital for transit advertising. They are easy to remember and allow ad designers to highlight the message powerfully.

Focus on Patient Emotion, Not Product or Service

There is place for highlighting a new product or service. However, many patients may not understand the utility of a product or service. They do understand that you care about them and their unique needs. Patients will go where they feel safe.

Don’t Mimic Competitors

Potential patients will not remember the slogan for a facility if it is too closely related to other health care advertisements.


Transit advertisements are like rolling billboards that allow you to connect with your community through large, powerful and personal messages. They are easily remembered by patients as there is no interruption media that keeps them from seeing the advertisement. This is not a pop-up ad that is easily dismissed or an advertisement that is easily blocked by internet settings.

The right message, platform and frequency will determine your advertisement’s success. Transit advertising offers you the level of frequency that creates top-of-mind awareness. If you are not familiar,  top-of-mind awareness ensures your facility is thought of first when a patient thinks of your service in their market.


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