Transit Over Billboard Advertising

Transit Over Billboard Advertising

A common misconception is that billboard advertising targets consumers better than transit advertising.

This misunderstanding assumes that by placing an ad at a specific intersection or highway near the place of business, the ad will influence consumers to pull over and purchase.

While this may be true for some highways informing travelers where to pull over for food or gas, it is not effective for all businesses. Billboards are less effective for those seeking to increase market share, dominate a local market and increase brand awareness.

Billboards do not provide full market coverage or the ability to reach consumers at multiple locations. Whereas, transit advertisements have the ability to reach consumers on their daily commute in addition to other outings all over town.

The misconception that billboard advertising is more effective than transit advertisements may also be due to the high cost. It is important to recognize that the high price of billboards does not reflect their effectiveness.

Transit advertising allows businesses to purchase multiple advertisements for the price of ONE billboard. Multiple transit advertisements provide greater market coverage, impressions and brand awareness than a single billboard.

Many business owners believe that it is crucial to have an ad at a specific location in order to influence sales. If you are seeking to gain exposure, an ad in one location limits your ability to reach prospects that may use other driving routes within your target market. Transit advertisements travel to key areas of town and shopping centers. This ensures your advertisement reaches anyone within reasonable driving distance of your business. A single billboard cannot deliver this type of exposure. Transit advertisements on para-transit buses even travel through neighborhoods.

When you choose billboard advertising your brand misses out on reaching consumers across your target market. Billboards limit your reach to only a small segment of potential customers. Transit advertising takes your brand message where no other advertisement can go.

Transit advertising provides between 250,000 and 350,000 impressions per week. Cost per impression is better than any other from of out door advertising. When you’re considering a cost-effective and highly impactful form of promotion, consider transit advertising.

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