Transit Advertising FAQs

Transit Advertising, Inc.’s Top 10 FAQs

Do you have questions about your transit advertisement? Below are our top ten frequently asked questions.


  1. How do I know people are seeing my ads?

Transit routes ensure your ads reach pedestrians, drivers and riders on a daily basis. Transit ads travel 14 hours a day receiving between 240K and 350K impressions per week.


  1. Can I pick a bus route?

Bus routes are not something that can be chosen. It’s important to note that your local transit station rotates buses, ensuring your bus ads reach different parts of the city. This provides you with maximum ad exposure. Prospects will see your ad no matter where they travel in town.


  1. When will my ad go up after I sign my contract and make my first payment?

Our team needs all artwork and must receive payment before an ad is wrapped. There is a 10-day cushion from the campaign start date for your ad to be placed on a bus. This cushion is built in for our team to accommodate bus routes.


  1. How soon do you need my artwork?

All artwork must be submitted 20 days prior to the campaign start date to ensure your ad is wrapped by the start date.


  1. Will my ad only reach bus riders?

Transit ads reach drivers, pedestrians and riders. The most common viewers of exterior bus ads are drivers. This averages between 240K and 350K impression a week. For more information on consumer demographics, ask about our market demographic sheets.


  1. How can I find my bus?

While you may see your ad during your commute, you can see your bus up close by visiting your city’s main transit station. Transit buses typically travel for 2 hours at a time. The best time to view your ad at a local station is between 10AM and 12PM.


  1. Can my bus be driven to a location for photos?

Depending on your market, it may be possible for your newly wrapped bus to be driven to a key location. However, there may be fees for this service depending on the city and this process can take time to coordinate given bus route schedules.


  1. As an agency buyer, how much time do I have to pay my first invoice?

Agency buyers have 45 days after signing the contract to make the first payment. Business owners working directly with Transit Advertising, Inc. must pay upfront.


  1. How long can my wrap stay on a bus?

The maximum length of time for a bus wrap is 18 months. We encourage recurring customers to refresh their brand message and design at this point to prevent ad blindness.


  1. How long is my warranty?

Transit Advertising, Inc. will warranty your ads for one year. Within this time frame, our team will make any necessary adjustments to your ad at no cost so long as it falls within warranty parameters.


Contact our team if you have more questions.

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