Creating Social Connection

Shifts in consumer behavior show that consumers turn to social media platforms to discover more about products and services.

This has created an opportunity for brands to create a greater connection with their target audience. Marketers are using various advertising channels to direct consumers to their social media platforms in an effort to build a stronger consumer and brand relationship.

Transit advertising has a strong advantage over other platforms in trafficking consumers to social media. These large format ads are like moving billboards. Their large eye catching presence engages consumers when they are on their daily commute, near major shopping centers or riding public transit.

Transit advertisements also engage consumers when their mobile device is near. Our client, Cracked Norman, created a strong social campaign that connected users to the business’ online platform.

We put together a list of benefits created by campaigns that build social connection.


Social Connection


Create Connection

As you can see, their interior card ad asks a question and encourages riders to share their response on Instagram or Twitter. Their ad creates a social connection that creates greater brand awareness across advertising platforms. This creates an opportunity for Cracked Norman to engage with consumers and move them toward booking an escape room experience.

Engaging with a brand on multiple platforms allows consumers to build brand familiarity that reduces hesitation.

Build Brand Awareness

Cracked Norman’s creative and connection building interior card campaign allows the brand to go beyond brand awareness. Not only does the advertisement connect with consumers over multiple advertising channels, it connects the consumers to the brand. This allows the brand to create multiple touch-points with the consumers. Multiple touch points guarantee that consumers will see brand messages more often, with repetition.

Transit advertising can be a strong catalyst for creating social connections. Transit ads have motivated consumers to post images and connect with brands on social media. This opens an entirely new channel of promotion. Consumers that post, tweet or gram about your brand are advertising for you.

Move Consumers To Purchase

Today’s consumers seek connection and familiarity before they are ready to buy.

Transit advertising’s high frequency ensures target audiences see brand messages enough times to build familiarity. When this is paired with a strong call to action, brands can connect with consumers and move them closer to a point of purchase.

Social connection allows brands to create a direct line of communication with their target audience.


Transit advertising campaigns that build social connection are only one of many ways this platform can be used. Contact our team today to learn how transit advertising can transform your strategy.



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