Transit Advertising Results

Transit advertising campaigns produce powerful results and can increase market share. In turn, a brand can become “top-of-mind” for consumers. Top-of-Mind Awareness means consumers will think of a brand over competitors when they are in need of a product or service. This type of awareness is built over time.

Bus Advertisements 

Bus advertisements receive 250K to 350K impressions per week. This allows brand messages to saturate local markets.

  • Street Space: 16K To 20K Views Per Day

    Street spaces are advertisements located on the street side of the bus. Vehicles and pedestrians on the bus driver’s side will see a street side advertisement.

  • Curb Space: 12K To 15K Views Per Day

    Curb spaces are advertisements located on the curbside of the bus. Vehicles and pedestrians on the loading side will see a curb side advertisement.

  • Back Space: 16K To 20K Views Per Day

    Back Spaces are advertisements located on the back of the bus. Vehicles and pedestrians behind the bus will see Back Space advertisement.

  • Full Wrap: 40K To 50K Views Per Day

    Full Wrap advertisements are on all four sides of the bus. Vehicles and pedestrians can see the ad from every angle.

Shelter Advertisements  

Shelter advertisements receive 63K to 210K impressions per week. Americans drive 29.2 miles per day. Shelter Ads provide strong exposure to drivers on their daily commute. Shelter advertisements are visible 24 hours a day. Many shelter ads provide back lighting that making them stand out to drivers day or night. Eye level placement allows shelter ads without back lighting to be easily viewed with headlights at night.

  • Shelters: 16K Avg. Views Per Day

    Shelter advertisements are located on bus shelter coverings. Drivers, pedestrians and bus riders see these ads.

Bench Advertisements

Bench advertisements receive 77K to 87K impressions per week. They are a low cost campaign addition that allow brand to continuously target key areas of town including major shopping centers.

  • Bench: 11K Avg. Views Per Day

    Bench advertisements are located on the in key areas of town on the back support area of the bench. Drivers and pedestrians see these ads.

Your results in terms of calls, website visits or interactions will depend on ad design, number of ads within your campaign and the strength of your call to action.