Holiday Ads

Personalized Holiday Cheer

As holiday ads begin to flood advertising channels, brand messages that target customers with personal messages will succeed.

Steep discounts are a tempting strategy for holiday promotions. However, when price competition is heavy, the lowest price wins. Instead of competing on price, consider personalized messages that show how your product or service aligns with your customer’s lifestyle.

Utilize Data:

To better understand your customer, you must leverage data. Holiday shopping elicits both stress and excitement. Epsilon found that 72% of the individuals surveyed said that online shopping for gifts has made life easier. Leveraging data can help you better understand customers to determine the right advertising channels and messaging. Data can help you win holidays shoppers.

If you are an online retailer utilizing out-of-home advertisements to cut through advertising clutter, your ad should state where potential customers can find you online. Your ad could even use messages such as “skip the line” and direct shoppers to your online platforms.

Learn from Testimonials:

Testimonials tell you how consumers use your products and why. This information can be used to craft personal advertising messages that speak to the needs of your potential customers.

Understanding how your product is used allows you to pick advertising images that show consumers how your product solves a particular problem. When your product is seen as a solution, you don’t have to compete on price.

Maximize Omni-channel Effectiveness:

Holiday shoppers are likely to make brick and mortar as well as online purchases. Advertisers can utilize online and out-of-home media to increase omnichannel shopping habits. When multiple advertising channels promote personalized messages, businesses increase their chances of influencing both in-person and online sales.

By utilizing multiple advertising channels such as PPC, social media, print and out-of-home media advertisers saturate the market with ad messages. This massive brand awareness allows consumers to choose the shopping channel that is most convenient.

Personalized messages are formed by understanding your customers’ demographic information along with how they use your product and where they prefer to make purchases. When businesses leverage this knowledge in their advertising messaging, they are more likely to win holiday shoppers. Out-of-home media continues to be a cost-effective advertising channel that has the power to influence both brick and mortar as well as online sales. When the right advertising channel is paired with personal messages, advertisers are likely to see better conversions over the holiday season.