Does Your Offer Move People?

What matters most in creating consumer response to a marketing offer?

An argument can be made that the medium, timing, and message frequency are driving forces behind any marketing campaign. I have long argued that “words matter most.”

Not just any words will do. Copywriters must strive to find the correct combination of words that compel consumers to act.

It’s all about the offer.

“Buy one, get one free.”

“Buy a new lawn mower– get a weed-eater for half-price”

“Visit our store today and get a free Major League World Series Baseball”

The best offer is one that creates movement in a potential customer. Here’s a check-list for offer power:

  • Call me out—be as specific as possible about WHO will receive the offer. The more limited the audience the more likely a customer will move quickly. Make the customer feel special with a personal offer.
  • What’s-in-it-for-me?—Spell out the benefit of the offer in simple terms. If the offer requires an asterisk and fine print—please try again.
  • Remove all risk—Offer the best, no-questions-asked guarantee in the business and scream the guarantee in the message
    Keep it short and simple—If you can’t Tweet the offer, it’s probably too long.
  • Quick deadlines—The best offers don’t last long. (Keep new offers coming.) A business owner should continue to honor an offer after a deadline—but communicate deadlines to create urgency.

Don’t be afraid to make specific offers in transit advertising. In fact, expect your offers to perform better in transit due to the seemingly more urgent “moving message.”

Test your offers in social media, then let Transit Advertising move your message to create powerful reach with frequency.