Why do customers come into a store, make a purchase and not know why they purchased the brand they selected?

Maybe it’s happened to you. You shop at a store or purchase an item that you didn’t have a plan to buy. But when you saw the product, the purchasing decision seemed like something that didn’t need any further thought.

This type of experience has many names in marketing but let’s keep it simple and refer to it as the power of a brand.

Brands develop affinity power because advertising, experiences and the stories that combine the two, stimulate a purchase decision.

Good advertising tells a story. We see a problem (villain) and are introduced to a solution (hero).

And yes this can happen in transit advertising. The key to building a brand using transit advertising is in the marriage between words and images. With transit, advertisers have the opportunity to tell a story that creates an immediate emotional response.

A knowing.

A smile.

A wanting.

The story is told quickly and with great repetition. There’s nothing quite as good as living a good story again.

Let us help you tell a story that causes customers to purchase a product because the story touched a felt need.

“No story lives until someone wants to listen.” – JK Rowling

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